Buyers: Location, Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Is Why Discerning People Choose
Denver’s Front Range & Foothills

Live, Work & Play
Where Mini-Escapes are Minutes Away

World-Class Escapes are an Hour and a Quarter Away

Are you sacrificing play-time for traffic-time?
Why sit on congested highways itching to get to a place
that could be within 15 minutes from home, or closer—
a bike, kayak, cross-country ski or snowshoe excursion away?

No more hazy, distant mountain shapes. Live nestled into them. Be a part of the Foothills experience, every time you look out your window, flip burgers with friends and family on the deck, or just go about your busy, daily routine. Why wouldn’t you want the awesome beauty of foothills, mountain ranges and wildlife 24/7?

At Real Estate in the Rockies, LLC, we made a conscious decision to focus our energy on Denver’s Front Range & Foothills communities. For us, there’s no other reason to be in Metro Denver. The Front Range beckons you to live and work year ‘round in nature’s playground. The magnificence of these Rockies is why people of all ages gravitate to Metro Denver. Why live or work anywhere else?


The closer to the foothills, the pricier the cost of housing. But prices can sometimes be mitigated by buying smarter and renovating what you buy. It also helps to be flexible in your wish list.

And there are many fringe suburban neighborhoods that allow you reasonable access to the foothills and mountain escapes while you can still enjoy the proximity of schools, shopping, and everyday activities that families of all ages demand today. The mountain range is dominant; we can help you find big views from the fringes.
Buyers from out of the area are always surprised that the major counties and cities offer incredibly impressive recreational facilities, parks and trail systems for all ages. The communities are quite competitive with their facilities and at a very reasonable cost to residents within their boundaries. It is all part of the Colorado experience.

It would be our pleasure to help you accommodate your lifestyle and wish list within your budget if you are interested in the counties we service:

Jefferson, Broomfield, Adams, Boulder, and southern Weld Counties.

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